Saturday, May 23, 2009

Easy, Inexpensive Teacher Gift

My five year old graduated from Preschool this past Friday. When I asked him what he wanted to give his teacher, he said he wanted to give her a card that said,
"Well, we had some good times. I'll sure miss this place. But, guess I'm done here!" :)
He's such a funny kid.

We decided to make his teacher something out of a Pringles can.

Here's how you do it:
  • We used the extra large can of Pringles, but this will work with any size.
  • Take off the plastic lid (not the sealed portion) and cut a small hole in the center
  • Take pipe cleaners of any color and cut them in half.
  • Curl some of them around your finger, and leave some of them straight
  • One by one, put the pipe cleaners in the hole of the plastic lid
  • Bend the ends of the pipe cleaners on the underside of the lid so that there are no pointy edges sticking straight out. (they will puncture the sealing of the chips)
  • Place the lid back on the can.
  • Next glue scrap booking card stock around the Pringles can (it took 2 sheets of 8.5x11 paper for me--I also used a glue gun to glue the paper in place.)
  • Then tie raffia around it with the tag attached and add any embellishments you would like. (I added a tin star found at a local craft store, but a wooden star, or sticker would work also.)
There you have it! I think it turned out super cute!

Below are the templates I used to create this. Feel free to print them off and size them to what you need. The tag below was printed at 2x3".

*NOTE: To print, you can click on these pictures to enlarge them, then right click on the picture and save the picture in your documents. Then open WORD or Adobe Photoshop or whatever you use to print things off. Open the document that you saved, click the picture and scale it down to the size you need. Then print!*

I printed two of this sheet on 8.5x11 cardstock, but I ended up cutting off about an inch off of the end, so that the paper would fit around the can.

Super easy!! Let those teachers know we appreciate all of their hard work!

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