Friday, June 5, 2009


Strawberry season is here! (or as my two year old calls them, "Stwah-Bewwies") I found this great little website last year called "PICK YOUR OWN" that lists all the local farmer's markets and produce stands in different areas in the country. It also lists the farms that have stands where you can "pick your own" produce. We found one in our area and went today with my brother and sister. It was a perfect day for it--overcast, not too sunny--not too cold. Perfect!

Here's my daughter and my sister picking some luscious strawberries. Mmm. (on the left)
(On the right) My brother, sister, and two oldest kids enjoying the garden.
Right off the vine, they are divine!

Do you think he was loving this? He was a little bit too excited!

We so enjoyed our time there. They had areas marked off with orange flags to tell us where the ripe strawberries were, which was awesome! We had just missed their asparagus cutting--dang it! They gave us a calendar as we left that had all of the dates their other produce would be ready to harvest. It was a great afternoon. I wish we could have spent more time here, it was so beautiful! I have a feeling we will be here A LOT this year.

So, next week I'm going to call "Strawberry Week". I will show you how I make strawberry freezer jam and feature other strawberry recipes. I will also give you ideas of how to use your strawberry jam. It's not just for peanut butter sandwiches any more, folks!