Friday, May 29, 2009

Word Games

One of Hayden's "chores" for the day is to practice his handwriting. I looked for a few ways to make this fun for him and I came up with a few good ideas. The first idea came when we were playing one of my all time favorite games- "Scattergories". Inside the game there is a die with the letters of the alphabet on it. We have Hayden roll the die and whatever letter it lands on, he has to write that letter, lower case and upper case.

Before he was learning how to write, we used to roll it and have him say a word that started with that letter or say the letter sound. Before that, it was just used to identify what each letter was. What a wonderful little thing this has been. He actually looks forward to writing his letters!


Another idea, if you don't have the Scattergories die is to write all of the letters down on separate pieces of paper and put them inside a paper bag. Then have the child draw out a letter and do the same ideas as above.

To print the lined drawing paper that they use in school, I go to THIS site.

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  1. I love this idea!! So creative... I'm going to start doing this on Monday!