Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Strawberry Honey Butter

This recipe is seriously so good! And, like most of my recipes--super easy! You take a stick of butter at room temperature, add about 1/2 cup of that yummy strawberry freezer jam (I have also used raspberry jam) and whip with a mixer until blended. (Look at the picture to the right-- It should look like this. If it is runny, add more butter, if it is too thick, add a little more jam. You can't mess this up!)

Then, if you'd like, add a tablespoon or two of honey. (It's good without it, as well) That's it! Now go slather those homemade rolls with some of this sweet butter and enjoy! It is also fantastic on scones. Heck, it would probably even be good on cardboard. It's that good!


  1. looks delicious! I think I might give this a try. After all, I already have homemade jam in my freezer, so why wouldn't I?

  2. This looks seriously yummy! Thanks for sharing :)